I’m going to try something different this month.

When I procrastinate, I read. A lot. I also like to share stuff. Sometimes my friends and family say I over-share. Oh well, I gotta be me.

So, I hope you enjoy these 10 Links which I found interesting in the last month or so while procrastinating.

  1. Let’s start with something important: coffee. I’m currently caffeinated, and I’m a home brewer. Are you? Today and likely for a few more weeks at least, I’m enjoying Cafe Don Pablo from Costco. Next up might be one from this ranking of grocery store coffees. Which do you prefer? Any omissions? Oh, and in the afternoon I may pop a purple pod into my Nespresso machine.
  2. Life stuff I wish someone had told me in my 20s.
  3. Slow down, stop multitasking and THINK.
  4. And then chill – maybe with this Foo Fighters tribute to Tom Petty.
  5. Or, at night do like the kids, and Netflix and Chill with these Netflix secret codes.
  6. Back to serious stuff – – do you save money for later? What do you do with it? Like elsewhere in life, consider learning from the best – Warren Buffett.
  7. Oh, yeah, right, this is supposed to be a “Sales”ReformSchool email. Well, did you know Jackie Robinson was a natural salesman? But of course it helped to be Jackie Robinson.
  8. You must become a better writer, no matter what you want to be successful at in life, and it’s not too late. Maybe pick up one of these. The second one is my personal favorite, though I don’t have the illustrated version.
  9. The one thing CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, looks for in a new hire: “Do they create clarity, do they create energy?” Yeah, I know that’s two things. Still, this is great advice not just for hiring. In everything you do professionally, ask yourself or others before or after: Are you creating clarity and are you creating energy?
  10. The folks at CEB are smart. “The Challenger Sale” was both clarifying and instructive. Take a look at this CEB post but especially, pay attention to this line: “Be memorable, not agreeable.” Agreeable gets you a pat on the head, while memorable gets you one step closer to CLOSED-WON. I know, “But Adam, aren’t you sometimes TOO MEMORABLE AND DISAGREEABLE?”  Um,  perhaps,  I’m working on it.

SalesReformSchool: Food for Thought

Something I am wondering about:  Would you like me to start a Facebook page or LinkedIn group where I post these sort of things as well as more meaty Sales Reform-y stuff? Where you could share your thoughts/questions? Which network site do you prefer? Please email me even if your response is Blah or Nah.

SalesReformSchool: Extracurricular

(Or – One more very important link)
I have an announcement and a request:  I’m going to be a clown again!
For a few years now I have supported the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta through my participation in the Distinguished Clown Corp.  Our group of clowns march in the Annual CHOA Children’s Christmas Parade scheduled this year on December 2, 2017, in Midtown Atlanta.  Please support this great cause with a donation on my clown page and help me meet my goal!  Thanks for your consideration and support.
Good Selling!
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