Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

My son Max has been working hard putting together a skating/dance party for tomorrow evening to benefit an anti-bullying charity  – Kidpower International.  Yes, he’s a great kid, but he’s really doing this to fulfill his “mitzvah” requirement… Read More

Regarding Sponsors and Referrals

When inbound leads from marketing just aren’t cutting it, do you work with internal sponsors and trusted advisors for referrals to grow your business?  Or, do you do it the old-fashioned way and cold call and email blast… Read More

Success Story: In-Boarding

reprint from 2006* Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company is a leader in facilitation training and meeting facilitation. With a network of over 200 facilitators under contract, LSI provides organizations with dynamic, professional facilitators who facilitate executive strategy… Read More


No, I am not cursing at you! What I do want to point out is one of the most often overlooked sales closing tools. I know, “every one knows the key to increasing sales is a good cost… Read More

Try Turning the Tables on your Sales Team

I had a two-hour "reinforcement" session with a client this week.  Instead of suggesting we do some sales call role plays and receive some eye rolls and slumped shoulders, I used a "Turn the Tables" approach. Here's how… Read More

Channeling George Costanza….

Or "What to do about those prospects who seem to be ignoring you." Maybe you saw this Seinfeld episode as a first run on NBC or a re-run on TBS -  Hysterical, right? Sure.  But. George's "thing" is… Read More

First Work Day of the New Year – What’s Your Plan?

One of my clients has me join their monthly sales team conference call the first Monday of each month. This morning besides the usual reviews of open opportunities, we discussed how to start out the New Year. The… Read More