Oh, Waiter. Want to Join My Sales Team?

One of the drudgeries of sales management is combing through resumes looking for that “Aha Moment.” Through real or virtual stacks of Curriculum Vitae, sales managers wait and hope for at least one spark to jump out as… Read More

Try Turning the Tables on your Sales Team

I had a two-hour "reinforcement" session with a client this week.  Instead of suggesting we do some sales call role plays and receive some eye rolls and slumped shoulders, I used a "Turn the Tables" approach. Here's how… Read More

Establishing a Sales Manager as Coach Culture

In a recent LinkedIN discussion, Michael Gerard asked:  How do you establish a culture in a direct sales organization that encourages first and second line sales managers to be better coaches versus simply "super reps"?What specific steps has… Read More

Can you Lead a Brainstorm in Ten Minutes?

File this entry under facilitation skills and sales management. Last Friday morning, I facilitated the first 2011 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.  After an introduction and welcome from our gracious… Read More