Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

My son Max has been working hard putting together a skating/dance party for tomorrow evening to benefit an anti-bullying charity  – Kidpower International.  Yes, he’s a great kid, but he’s really doing this to fulfill his “mitzvah” requirement… Read More

Try Turning the Tables on your Sales Team

I had a two-hour "reinforcement" session with a client this week.  Instead of suggesting we do some sales call role plays and receive some eye rolls and slumped shoulders, I used a "Turn the Tables" approach. Here's how… Read More

A Critique of an Outbound Prospecting email

A CEO at a CustomerCentric Selling® client of mine asked me to review an unsolicited prospecting email he received. I have changed the name of the seller’s company. I’m trying to be instructional, not confrontational. Here’s my take:… Read More