Tell Coherent Stories

At the collision of Literature and Neuroscience, researchers are learning exactly why stories work better than facts at getting listeners in alignment.  Allison Kopnik describes this effort in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal. This echoes a theme I… Read More

Elements of a Sales Recap Email

Do you send something like this after every meaningful customer/prospect conversation?

Oh, Waiter. Want to Join My Sales Team?

One of the drudgeries of sales management is combing through resumes looking for that “Aha Moment.” Through real or virtual stacks of Curriculum Vitae, sales managers wait and hope for at least one spark to jump out as… Read More

Regarding Sponsors and Referrals

When inbound leads from marketing just aren’t cutting it, do you work with internal sponsors and trusted advisors for referrals to grow your business?  Or, do you do it the old-fashioned way and cold call and email blast… Read More

Valentine’s Day and Prospecting

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seems appropriate to take a fresh look at prospecting.  After all, isn’t it sales and marketing’s constant function to ask others, “Will you be my Valentine?” The Valentine’s Day-Prospecting love… Read More

A Q&A on Sales Methodologies and Pragmatic Marketing

My friend and colleague, Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing interviewed me for a recent newsletter article on sales and marketing alignment. Enjoy it here.

Might I Suggest Some T & A: Trust and Alignment

“I’m trying to be consultative, asking all the right questions, but my prospects don’t seem interested.” “I thought we had a great conversation, then he blew off our follow up call.” “Sometimes, I feel like I’m leading an… Read More

How to Throw Water on your Sales Opportunities

You may have heard that here in the Atlanta area many are suffering through repairing their homes after torrential rains and flooding  – the worst EVER for our area.    Understanding that cleanup and waterproofing contractors are likely… Read More