Today’s Lesson: Receiving Feedback

Recently, however, I received written feedback from a post accusing me of not modeling Active Listening in my public discourse like I teach my clients. It knocked me back on my heels. Had I slipped or not really improved?

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Today’s Lesson: Are You Good at Rapport? Are you Sure?

Many of us salespeople have a dirty secret. We hate building rapport especially with prospects or even just people we don’t really know well. Sure, we are expected to be the life the party and the meeting, the easy-going back-slapper

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Can you Argue Both Sides? Think Like a Lawyer?

You may already know that I practiced law in a prior life. Some of my clients like and appreciate it, but I do get eye-rolls and my fair share of good-natured ribbing. I get it. When it comes up in conversation,

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Today’s Lesson: Young Gun, New Job, New City

A friend of mine’s 20-something son recently received a promotion. He is a consultant and has been asked by management to help open a new office in a new city. They want to build a presence in this new outpost

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Today’s Lesson: The Implementation Story

Many of you are trying to close deals with your prospects this week and next to finish the year or quarter on a high note. So, I have a question: Have you included an implementation plan discussion as part of

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Today’s Lesson: Start bcc’ing

Most sales managers I know have the best intentions. They don’t want to manage their reps, they want to coach them to achieve greatness – or at least quota. Many of them, though, struggle with where to start. The comfortable

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Today’s Lesson:Take a P A U S E

  Professionally, many of you are looking at your calendars and realizing that you only have six weeks or so left in the year and you are making your calls to try and close deals, or even create deals now

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Today’s Lesson: Three Sales Archetypes

Only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota according to CSO Insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study. And, it’s the rare prospect that actually wants to hear from a sales rep. What’s a senior

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Today’s Lesson: Your Prospect’s Experience

I recently attended a Vistage presentation given by John R. Patterson entitled, “Creating An Extraordinary Customer Experience that drives Loyalty and Growth.” Patterson artfully related how the best brands recognize that great customer experience drives greater profits. I had two

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Today’s Lesson: Why Am I Here?

You may be thinking I am about to go off on an existential rant about authenticity, our place in the universe, or possibly a lecture on the appropriateness of a paleo diet. Nah, let’s save those for a get together

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