I’m Adam Shapiro

President and Founder of SalesReformSchool™


Is Your Sales Team Prepared?

A lack of success in your sales team is not their fault; it’s yours for not preparing them.

You need to improve your B2B sales team's performance.


You need sales coaching.


Why SalesReformSchool™?

Your sales process must be repeatable and intentional and

your team needs to be prepared.

What do senior executive usually do?

In many cases, the answer is to spend good money on tools and consultants to fill your funnels with “Good Leads.” Yet even after this expense, when leaders are asked if they are closing more business and doing so in a repeatable and intentional way, they answer “NO” to one or both questions.


What is missing?

Setting a repeatable and intentional process is the first step to ensure your sales team’s success. You need to then improve three areas of sales preparedness and professionalism: Process, Messaging, and Behaviors.


The SalesReformSchool™ Proven Process

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”
–W. Edwards Deming, Business Process Guru

The SalesReformSchool™

Three Elements of Sales Professionalism

Sales Process
The steps to take in an opportunity from first initiation to close.
Sales Messaging
The conversation models or scripts and recap templates utilized within each step of the process.
Sales Disciplines
The 10 behaviors sellers must master to convert prospects into customers.

Hi. I'm Adam Shapiro

I’m the President of SalesReformSchool™, and I can help you improve your B2B sales force’s performance and professionalism.

By professionalizing your sales force, the team will:

  • Close more business.
  • Do it in a repeatable and intentional way.
  • Grow sales within current accounts.

I help my clients improve sales by applying the SalesReformSchool Proven Process to their own Unique Sales Process.

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Hear From SalesReformSchool™ Graduates!

“Adam is one of the few I have met with truly exceptional insight into sales messaging and process. I absolutely subscribe to [his] sales philosophy, and Adam just happens to be one of the best I have seen at helping teams reach their potential through the associated best practices.”
Robert Holler

President and CEO, VersionOne

“Adam led my sales team through his SalesReformSchool and then we experienced our best sales quarter on record. Coincidence? I think NOT! Adam immersed himself in our business, asked tough questions, and in the end, created an engaging and interactive workshop where everyone left with practical tools and knowledge…plus a sales playbook!”
Luke Kreitner

VP Sales and Account Management, Incentive Solutions

“Adam is the ultimate Trusted Advisor. He has partnered with Tyler & Company for several years and is not afraid to share the truth with us. His message is consistent, and he has a wealth of patience as we have proven to be slow learners. To our benefit, he did not give up on us and we seek him out regularly. He can quickly read an organization and help guide a group to achieve success.”
Dennis Kain

President, Tyler & Company

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