Today’s Lesson: Your Prospect’s Experience

I recently attended a Vistage presentation given by John R. Patterson entitled, “Creating An Extraordinary Customer Experience that drives Loyalty and Growth.” Patterson artfully related how the best brands recognize that great customer experience drives greater profits. I had two

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Today’s Lesson: Why Am I Here?

You may be thinking I am about to go off on an existential rant about authenticity, our place in the universe, or possibly a lecture on the appropriateness of a paleo diet. Nah, let’s save those for a get together

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Today’s Lesson: Empathy = Active Listening


Carly*, a millennial sales executive in one of my workshops came back on day two beaming with pride.  She had implemented the “Empathy” skill we worked on the day before, but not in a business setting; rather in her personal

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Re-Launching SalesReformSchool

I’m Back! Let me explain…(an open letter) I’ve had some changes this year.  I’m writing today to explain why and give you an update. Early this year, I had just recovered from very successful back surgery and thought it a

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Don’t Be a Cart-Firster

I’m a guest blogger, too!  Check out SalesReformSchool “on the road” by reading Uncool Sales Practices: Don’t Be a “Cart-Firster” — my first post on the KiteDesk blog at

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KiteDesk Goes to School

Sean Burke, CEO of my client KiteDesk, wrote this blog post   – about our work together. If you sell to other businesses and need new customers, get to know Kitedesk and tell them I sent you. 

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Are You Giving Good Phone?

Do you give good phone? Today, I called a stranger to buy football tickets. I had found the nice lady on the other end of the phone through her craigslist “for sale” posting.  She had suggested in her listing that interested

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Where do you go to School?

I have been a member of a Vistage Trusted Advisor group for four years. For me, the best benefit of Vistage is not the valuable business contacts, but rather the opportunity that paying attention to the speakers gives me for

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Your First Sales Process

I recently gave this “101 level” sales process presentation to the executive team at a small B2B technology company who wanted a launching off point for their sales culture.  Immediately, they saw how sales process improves on-boarding, forecasting, meeting planning and

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Take Control + Adult Language = Higher Batting Average

A friend of mine, Let’s call him Joe, asked me to get together with him for breakfast last week. I had a feeling this was going to be a coaching breakfast. I know Joe through another business contact and talking

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