About Adam Shapiro and SalesReformSchool


Hello, I’m Adam Shapiro, the founder and president of SalesReformSchool™, and I help individuals, teams and enterprises improve their sales and marketing performance.

SalesReformSchool™ Helps B2B Executives Improve Their Sales Force’s Professionalism.

We do this by following a process, by purposefully following a messaging strategy, and setting expected behaviors that map to the company’s values and culture. With the explosion of sales tools especially those geared to filling the top of the sales funnel, you’re expecting results. If you’re not achieving the ones you need, then it may be time to professionalize your sales force.

Three Clear Signs of Sales Professionalism

Closing more business month after month


Doing so in a repeatable and intentional way


Growing sales within current accounts


Meet Adam

Hello, I am Adam Shapiro. Since I help individuals, teams and enterprises improve their sales and marketing behaviors, a friend suggested a few years ago that I call my business “SalesReformSchool™.” It seemed kind of edgy and people smile when they hear it, so it’s keeper.  I like the metaphor for a number of reasons.  To improve, it helps to embrace learning, change, and practice. The best practitioners are students of their craft.  They don’t believe they know it all and are willing to try new processes and behaviors. So SalesReformSchool™ makes sense.  For now, it is officially just me, but I do rely on a network of interesting and talented people to help out when my client’s needs dictate.

Though I began my career in law, I leveraged my experience with corporate legal departments into a successful software and services sales career.

With 20+  years in the technology industry, I have held roles in sales, marketing and business development at companies like American Lawyer Media, Harbinger Corporation, Air2Web and Inovis.

From 1994 to 1997, I led the Southeastern Region’s Sales and Marketing efforts for American Lawyer Media’s Counsel Connect, an early internet-based online service for the legal community. In this position, I out-paced more established and well-heeled regions in revenue, subscriptions and usage.

I moved on to Harbinger, a B2B communications provider from 1997 through early 2000, exceeding quota each year. Then at Air2Web in 2000 and 2001, I created the company’s sales-messaging and was awarded the outstanding sales award.

Most recently, I was Vice President of Sales for the managed services and value added networks lines of business for Inovis, a leading B2B integration services company. With Inovis, I successfully implemented our sales messaging and process methodology with two different sales teams and product marketing. My teams continually exceeded quotas by following, practicing and improving our processes.

This all led me in late 2004 to open my own business – SalesReformSchool™. In addition to implementing sales process and conversational messaging, I also consult on all thing relative to improving an individual’s and company’s sales performance. To be clear, SalesReformSchool is a sales consulting company that educates its clients in three areas:  Sales Process, Sales Messaging and Sales Behaviors.  Clients improve through workshops, one-on-one or group coaching, keynote addresses and consulting engagements.

Education: Yes, I am a lawyer receiving my Juris Doctor (Cum Laude) from the University of Georgia School of Law,  where I served on the Law Review.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in History from the University of Texas at Austin.

One last thing: It often seems I’m the “go-to” guy. My family and friends know they can go-to-me for answers or help or to point them in the right direction. Drop me on a corner in most cities, and I am the one others turn to for directions.  I don’t mind, I kind of like it.

If you would rather drop me a note instead of on a street corner, you can reach me at adam@salesreformschool.com or 404-798-8397.  Also, please see my LinkedIn profile to get to know me better.

Books and Authors I Like

  • Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Patrick Lencione, The Advantage
  • Steven Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point
  • Wendy Mogel, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee
  • Steven Dubner and Steven Leavitt, Freakonomics
  • Herman Hesse, Siddartha
  • Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint (has become my lifestyle manual)



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