Clients Say It Best

The goal of your sales process should be your client’s success. It’s the same with SalesReformSchool.  My client’s success is my success.

Adam recently took our 18 year old company, Edifice Automotive Marketing, through the SalesReformSchool sales process training. Adam’s personalization of his training was invaluable for the team. The Edifice team was challenged by Adam to identify and describe our product, our market and our ideal customer within the boundaries of the SalesReformSchool methodology. Edifices’ sales narratives were born from this exercise. Adam’s training was insightful, relevant and extremely on point. The presentations were interesting, engaging and well planned.

I highly recommend Adam’s services and counsel.

Skip Soucie

CEO Edifice Automotive Marketing!

Adam is a solid sales trainer with a breadth of knowledge applicable to new or advanced sales representatives. We hired Adam to provide a virtual 12 week “academy” style training program for our young and inexperienced sales team. He did a great job covering all of the sales cycle actions including preparation, consultative selling call approach, written responses, objection handling and deal closing. I highly recommend his in-person or virtual format. sessions/program.

Mark Anderson

Managing Director at Telegraph Hill Advisors

As our Sales Organization is evolving, we used Adam to help guide us through this critical journey. He helped lead my team through revitalizing our sales process and improving the overall quality of the sales engagement. Adam has a wealth of knowledge with understanding the modern buying process and provides practical ways to empower your team to be successful.

David Pastore

VP of North American Sales, Deposco

Adam came to us when we had one saleswoman and no marketers on staff. Helped us set up a challenger scenario where we took charge of the sales process and focused on top prospects by leading the conversation. We now have 8 people in those departments and have tripled our company size. Adam understands consultative selling. He’s serious and will expect that your team takes sales seriously as well.

Alex Membrillo

CEO, Cardinal Digital Marketing

CT Solutions’ sales team was need of some updated training and strategic guidance for adapting to the ever-changing telecommunications market. We reached out to Adam and Sales Reform School to help us design a modern approach to solution selling for both our inside and outside sales reps. Adam crafted a new sales workbook for us and trained the entire team on his strategies. His techniques are very professional and well thought out. I would recommend Sales Reform School for any organization that needs a fresh look at how they approach selling in today’s market.

Joe Benton

Founder and COO, CT Solutions

We engaged with Adam about a year ago to help us train our sales team and develop a sales process and playbook. In this past year, we’ve steadily adopted his principles and methods and can definitely attribute his advice, strategies and influence to better sales results across the team. We find ourselves asking: “What would Adam do?” almost every week. He really knows sales!

Brian Leach

Founder and CEO, Steelray Software - https://www.steelray.com/

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and resulted in devastating impact within our client base, we were at a crossroads. We knew we had a heavy lift in identifying new client opportunities, and equipped with a few individuals that had varying degrees of sales experience and success. Enter Adam Shapiro. Immediately, his proven process gave our team the framework, structure, and process needed for us to feel confident in building our sales playbook, and provided the direction we needed to move forward. Additionally, his leadership provided key strategy helpful in increasing our understanding of working through opportunities in a manner that predicted a higher probability of closure and put us on a more even level with our prospective clients. Adam’s no-nonsense approach is refreshingly impactful, and his ongoing coaching has made a true difference in our team’s success. I cannot recommend him more highly for any organization that can benefit from sales training, and that’s likely everyone.

Tammi Wecksler

VP Sales and Marketing, Wits End

Adam worked with our Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Success teams to help align our messaging and teams. We knew Adam’s playbook and expertise would be of value, but were amazed by the engagement levels. Our team, although stating they were adverse to role playing, thrived on Adam’s program, were energized and excited to participate. I would highly recommend Adam and his program to companies that are looking to grow and need help developing their playbook and messaging.

Whitney Jones

VP, Customer Operations, AutoQuotes

I was fortunate to work with Adam for an extended amount of time and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a great coach for both the people brand new to sales and those with experience. He is a great communicator and personalizes his coaching to to work with your personality and market. I can admit that his coaching has not only made me a more effective professional but also a better boyfriend. I was a fresh graduate with no experience and he was enthusiastic and supportive of my training and helped greatly with my transition. Adam is a great guy and coach!

Charles Manhardt, PhD

Application Specialist, Xstrahl

“Adam is an excellent sales coach and mentor for sales leadership and team development. At Oversight, Adam’s sales training and coaching was key to the team’s overall development and success. His guidance was extremely helpful in cementing our sales strategy from initial client conversation to deal close. Adam contributed significantly to various aspects of our sales process including sales messaging, collateral development, one-on-one pipeline reviews, overcoming client objections and managing activities within a stage as well as between stages of our sales process. As a direct impact, our sales team put up unprecedented growth and record quarters. It was a pleasure to work with Adam and I would absolutely recommend his services.”

Manish Singh

Executive VP, Sales, Solutions & Client Services, Oversight Systems

Adam helped us through a year of change by becoming a valuable member of our executive team and coaching our customer-facing personnel on all things sales. He organized and implemented our sales processes and sales messaging and helped everyone in the company understand that they are in sales and what that means. Particularly useful and unique is the discussion that Adam leads on strong language, this changes people for the better and helps them self-analyze and get rid of the “filler” language we all fall into the habit of using.

Many times I have had impromptu strategy sessions with Adam that proved invaluable. He can be a sounding board and help guide you to unlock messaging and dialogue that changes the tone of sales conversations into something productive.

Adam gives advice that works. That is a treasure in life to cherish.”

Jeff Buck

CEO, QuantiSense

“Adam is one of the few I have met with truly exceptional insight into sales messaging and process. I absolutely subscribe to [his] sales philosophy, and Adam just happens to be one of the best I have seen at helping teams reach their potential through the associated best practices.”

Robert Holler

President and CEO, VersionOne

“Adam Shapiro led my sales team through his Sales Reform School and then we experienced our best sales quarter on record. Coincidence? I think NOT! Adam immersed himself in our business, asked tough questions, and in the end, created an engaging and interactive workshop where everyone left with practical tools and knowledge…plus a sales playbook! If you want to take your sales team to the next level, Adam Shapiro is your guy.”

Luke Kreitner

VP Sales and Account Management, Incentive Solutions

“Over the years I have personally witnessed Adam help companies including Seeburger improve sales performance by bridging the gap between marketing and sales. He does this by helping teams create, document and follow best practices for sales messaging – the actual content of the conversations sellers should conduct during each stage of a sales opportunity – and then loading those messaging tools into the sales process. Through his consultative, coaching style he transfers both the knowledge and the know-how to improve sales performance.”

Bill Metallo

VP of Sales, Seeburger

“Adam is the ultimate Trusted Advisor. He has partnered with Tyler & Company for several years and is not afraid to share the truth with us. His message is consistent, and he has a wealth of patience as we have proven to be slow learners. To our benefit, he did not give up on us and we seek him out regularly. He can quickly read an organization and help guide a group to achieve success. Adam is also fun to be around.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Dennis Kain

President, Tyler & Company

“Adam has presented in two of our annual conferences. His approach was very engaging and participative demonstrating a intuitive knowledge of sales processes and techniques all relevant to our space. His presentation style is energetic and informative. I would invite him back again for another very popular session.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jack Knocke


“I have worked with Adam during his tenure at Harbinger, and I have been a participant in his sales training in the time since. In all of my experience with Adam he has gone above and beyond to exceed client expectations. His sales training brings insights from his extensive sales experience and delivers them in a format that resonates with the class and is actionable. Unlike many of the sales training philosophies that simply rehash obvious common sense activities, Adam is able to frame his training around his client’s business with specific approaches and exercises that make the training much more relevant and valuable to participants. 

I would not hesitate to utilize his services for any sales team that could stand to improve its performance – which is every sales team that I have ever seen.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

John Goetzman

“Adam Shapiro – A Master at His Craft. 

Adam Shapiro has been “Mr. CustomerCentric Selling” for us here in the southeast. We first brought Adam into our company in July, 2005. We had stagnated in sales over the past year, were off our growth numbers by over 20% and looking at a dismal year. After he took us through the CustomerCentric Selling process, the difference was indeed staggering. In those first 7 months before Adam, we were down 3% for the prior year. In those next 5 months were up 17% over the prior year. The growth rate continued for the next four years (until the next recession hit). 

We have had Adam back twice since then, once serving as an interim sales manager. His command of his craft makes it great to see him in action. And you haven’t seen a pipeline review until you witness Adam pulling back a sales person’s numbers, asking the uncomfortable questions, and probing for what is actually known versus what is hope and a prayer. 

Some will find his probing style challenging; but your superstars will recognize that his questions only make them better and his direct style is all about helping all associates stretch for their highest potential. If you are need help with sales process, messaging, sales training, interim sales management, Adam delivers!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Michael Wilkinson, CMF, CPF

Managing Director, Leadership Strategies

“Adam Shapiro is a multi-talented sales trainer and coach. Having run three large sales organizations, I have never seen an individual conduct sales pipeline reviews like Adam does. They are engaging, challenging and meaningful. Our top reps look forward to them because they help these reps do even better than they would in terms of sales results than if Adam did not conduct these reviews. 

Adam is thoughtful, guiding with probing and penetrating questions, and simply “gets to the heart of the matter” no matter a simple issue or a complex one. Although Adam is also a trainer of the Customer Centric Selling methodology/approach, it really does not matter. He is quick, insightful and a master at separating the wheat from the chaff. If you would like to take your pipeline reviews to the highest level, I highly recommend you engage Adam for one or a day’s worth. It will pay for itself and your sales forecasting will become more believable and accurate. For you sales managers or executives, sit in with Adam and learn other tips on how to coach your sales teams to better results – they will learn where best to spend their time and separate those prospects that are going to buy from the “tire kickers.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Richard Smith

Leadership Strategies

“Adam is best-of-breed in the sales consulting world and has the most loyal clients of anyone I know. I highly recommend him. Adam walks the walk – driving credibility with sales professionals because he has the real world experience to back it up.”

Eric Blumthal

CEO, count5

“Adam has been a great resource for our consultants. He consistently reminds us how to think outside of our own world and step into the shoes of our clients. By helping us learn how to better describe our firm’s unique differentiators in terms of success stories and emergencies, he’s helping us to “win” more often. Thanks Adam!”

Kristen Myers

Tyler & Company

“Adam helped my company, Stratature, prepare to step up to a planned, repeatable and scalable sales process which ultimately lead to our successful sale to Microsoft in 2007.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Ian Ahern

CEO, Profisee

“Adam is very knowledgeable about solution selling, and has exceptional ability to discern both strengths and deficiencies in an existing approach. I was impressed by his appraisal of my assumptions and attitudes, the quality of his suggestions for improvement, and his willingness to speak candidly and comfortably even when challenged. I strongly recommend him as a sales consultant and trainer.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Robert Becker

Becker Multimedia

“When it comes to consultative selling, Adam not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. While it can be a challenge to try new sales techniques, Adam’s knowledge and advice in this arena have made the journey that much easier. Thanks again, Adam!”

Christine Leon

Tyler & Company

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