Tell Coherent Stories

At the collision of Literature and Neuroscience, researchers are learning exactly why stories work better than facts at getting listeners in alignment.  Allison Kopnik describes this effort in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal. This echoes a theme I… Read More

Regarding Sponsors and Referrals

When inbound leads from marketing just aren’t cutting it, do you work with internal sponsors and trusted advisors for referrals to grow your business?  Or, do you do it the old-fashioned way and cold call and email blast… Read More

Five Questions to Ask if your Deals are Not Closing: Who, What, How, When, and Why

Last week, I led a two hour seminar at a client’s annual meeting of partners and agents – think 40 B2B sales people and executives. The President had asked for 2 hours on closing skills to be presented… Read More

Intro to Cross-Selling

How do you leverage success with one customer into a cross-selling opportunity with another? I hope the below presentation that I delivered earlier this week helps. Intro to Cross-Selling View more presentations from Adam Shapiro. Intro to Cross-Selling… Read More

First Work Day of the New Year – What’s Your Plan?

One of my clients has me join their monthly sales team conference call the first Monday of each month. This morning besides the usual reviews of open opportunities, we discussed how to start out the New Year. The… Read More

Prospect/Customer Conversations in a Down Economy

I had a client meeting last week that you might be interested to hear about.  This client asked me to address his sales and marketing personnel about how to have sales conversations when the sellers anticipate that the… Read More