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Today’s Lesson: What Stuck Most

Since I had them all in a room together, I asked during a pause:

What from our engagement and workshop a year ago most helped you be successful in 2017?

 What stuck most?

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Today’s Lesson: Can She Sell?

During or after coaching or consulting engagements, my clients often ask, “Do you think she (or he) can sell for us?” Similarly, friends, colleagues, or former SalesReformSchool students often ask me whether they (or lately, their kids) should pursue a

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Today’s Lesson: 10 Links

I’m going to try something different this month. When I procrastinate, I read. A lot. I also like to share stuff. Sometimes my friends and family say I over-share. Oh well, I gotta be me. So, I hope you enjoy

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Today’s Lesson: How Do You Get Better?

You may know that I have been a member of a Vistage Trusted Advisor group for over five years. I consider it my graduate business school. While I have a Juris Doctor, I am not a Master of Business Administration.

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Today’s Lesson: Receiving Feedback

Recently, however, I received written feedback from a post accusing me of not modeling Active Listening in my public discourse like I teach my clients. It knocked me back on my heels. Had I slipped or not really improved?

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Can you Argue Both Sides? Think Like a Lawyer?

You may already know that I practiced law in a prior life. Some of my clients like and appreciate it, but I do get eye-rolls and my fair share of good-natured ribbing. I get it. When it comes up in conversation,

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Today’s Lesson: Start bcc’ing

Most sales managers I know have the best intentions. They don’t want to manage their reps, they want to coach them to achieve greatness – or at least quota. Many of them, though, struggle with where to start. The comfortable

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Today’s Lesson: Three Sales Archetypes

Only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota according to CSO Insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study. And, it’s the rare prospect that actually wants to hear from a sales rep. What’s a senior

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Today’s Lesson: Empathy = Active Listening

Carly*, a millennial sales executive in one of my workshops came back on day two beaming with pride.  She had implemented the “Empathy” skill we worked on the day before, but not in a business setting; rather in her personal

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Oh, Waiter. Want to Join My Sales Team?

One of the drudgeries of sales management is combing through resumes looking for that “Aha Moment.” Through real or virtual stacks of Curriculum Vitae, sales managers wait and hope for at least one spark to jump out as the reason

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