Webinar: Executing the First Call

I joined Jason Stone from Frontline Selling for this video webinar, the second in a series  – Sales Cycle Series – Executing the First Call – Frontline Selling

Today’s Lesson: Networking – Gotta Do It, Ugh, I Hate It

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published an essay adapted from David Burkus’s new book, “Friend of a Friend: Understanding The Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Career,” published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Today’s Lesson: Don’t be a Poodle

During a recent workshop I described how we sales people need to constantly work to be perceived as our prospect’s equals. What do I mean? Here are three examples where we are equals, but not necessarily perceived as… Read More

Today’s Lesson: Receiving Feedback

Recently, however, I received written feedback from a post accusing me of not modeling Active Listening in my public discourse like I teach my clients. It knocked me back on my heels. Had I slipped or not really improved?

Today’s Lesson: Why Am I Here?

You may be thinking I am about to go off on an existential rant about authenticity, our place in the universe, or possibly a lecture on the appropriateness of a paleo diet. Nah, let’s save those for a… Read More

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

My son Max has been working hard putting together a skating/dance party for tomorrow evening to benefit an anti-bullying charity  – Kidpower International.  Yes, he’s a great kid, but he’s really doing this to fulfill his “mitzvah” requirement… Read More

Success Story: In-Boarding

reprint from 2006* Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company is a leader in facilitation training and meeting facilitation. With a network of over 200 facilitators under contract, LSI provides organizations with dynamic, professional facilitators who facilitate executive strategy… Read More

On-Boarding (or In-Boarding) Salespeople to your Sales Team

Here’s my presentation from today’s AA-ISP, Atlanta Chapter meeting. Presentation on On-boarding Inside Sales Reps In case the images are too cryptic,I’ll briefly summarize: The four foundational elements of a successful sales on-boarding process are: 1) Expectations –… Read More

Establishing a Sales Manager as Coach Culture

In a recent LinkedIN discussion, Michael Gerard asked:  How do you establish a culture in a direct sales organization that encourages first and second line sales managers to be better coaches versus simply "super reps"?What specific steps has… Read More

Can you Lead a Brainstorm in Ten Minutes?

File this entry under facilitation skills and sales management. Last Friday morning, I facilitated the first 2011 meeting of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.  After an introduction and welcome from our gracious… Read More

Nuggets from sitting in the back and really listening….

At least once per year, I serve as a sales training coach for another CustomerCentric Selling®  practitioner. Last week, I helped Frank Visgatis, co-writer of the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology at a Workshop in Atlanta.  This serves a few purposes: … Read More

Sales Managers Consider the “Law of Threes”

If you pay attention to pop culture, have some appreciation for history or at least historical perspective, and love sports, you should be regular reader of “The Sports Guy” on ESPN’s Page 2. Bill Simmons is a smart… Read More