Today’s Lesson: Three Sales Archetypes

Only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota according to CSO Insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study. And, it’s the rare prospect that actually wants to hear from a sales rep. What’s… Read More

Are You Giving Good Phone?

Do you give good phone? Today, I called a stranger to buy football tickets. I had found the nice lady on the other end of the phone through her craigslist “for sale” posting.  She had suggested in her listing… Read More

Elements of a Sales Recap Email

Do you send something like this after every meaningful customer/prospect conversation?

Next Steps? Take the Easy Route Down Easy Street

Everyone wants a shorter sales cycle, yet too many sellers find themselves stuck in time pot holes or getting lost in a confusing route.  Isn’t it time to steer sales communications – yes, oral and written – around… Read More

Oh, Waiter. Want to Join My Sales Team?

One of the drudgeries of sales management is combing through resumes looking for that “Aha Moment.” Through real or virtual stacks of Curriculum Vitae, sales managers wait and hope for at least one spark to jump out as… Read More

Asking and Listening Even Through Email

I am often asked, “So, what are your sales conversations like?” My response is that I ask questions and share successes around two related themes: 1) How are you doing with getting new hires, new partners, new investors,… Read More

A Q&A on Sales Methodologies and Pragmatic Marketing

My friend and colleague, Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing interviewed me for a recent newsletter article on sales and marketing alignment. Enjoy it here.

Unleashing Our “Inner Steve Jobs”

Carmine Gallo writing in Entrepreneur magazine last month offered up his seven principles that drove Steve Jobs success.  Gallo suggests that “any of us can adopt them to unleash our ‘inner Steve Jobs.’” So, to unleash your “Jobs-siness”… Read More

On-Boarding (or In-Boarding) Salespeople to your Sales Team

Here’s my presentation from today’s AA-ISP, Atlanta Chapter meeting. Presentation on On-boarding Inside Sales Reps In case the images are too cryptic,I’ll briefly summarize: The four foundational elements of a successful sales on-boarding process are: 1) Expectations –… Read More

I’m Speaking at the Sept. 15 AA-ISP Atlanta Meeting

AA-ISP Atlanta Chapter Meeting-September 15th Date: September 15th, 2011 @ 7:30am – 10:00am EST Location: Leadership Strategies- 56 Perimeter Center East, Suite 103, Atlanta, GA 30346 Overview: Please join us for our upcoming meeting and learn, share, and… Read More

Might I Suggest Some T & A: Trust and Alignment

“I’m trying to be consultative, asking all the right questions, but my prospects don’t seem interested.” “I thought we had a great conversation, then he blew off our follow up call.” “Sometimes, I feel like I’m leading an… Read More

Intro to Intro Rocket

Many companies struggle with the opening, leading marketing piece.  If you have been in sales and marketing for any amount of time, you have received emails or seen brochures that describe offerings in the same tired, flowery language… Read More