Success Story: In-Boarding

reprint from 2006* Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company is a leader in facilitation training and meeting facilitation. With a network of over 200 facilitators under contract, LSI provides organizations with dynamic, professional facilitators who facilitate executive strategy… Read More

A Q&A on Sales Methodologies and Pragmatic Marketing

My friend and colleague, Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing interviewed me for a recent newsletter article on sales and marketing alignment. Enjoy it here.

Unleashing Our “Inner Steve Jobs”

Carmine Gallo writing in Entrepreneur magazine last month offered up his seven principles that drove Steve Jobs success.  Gallo suggests that “any of us can adopt them to unleash our ‘inner Steve Jobs.’” So, to unleash your “Jobs-siness”… Read More

Intro to Intro Rocket

Many companies struggle with the opening, leading marketing piece.  If you have been in sales and marketing for any amount of time, you have received emails or seen brochures that describe offerings in the same tired, flowery language… Read More

Intro to Cross-Selling

How do you leverage success with one customer into a cross-selling opportunity with another? I hope the below presentation that I delivered earlier this week helps. Intro to Cross-Selling View more presentations from Adam Shapiro. Intro to Cross-Selling… Read More

Beware the Halo Effect and Management Gurus

This one ranks up there with Freakonomics.  It's that good.  Phil Rosenzweig's article, "Misunderstanding the Nature of Company Performance: The Halo Effect and Other Business Delusions", details why management is NOT an exact science and there is no… Read More

So, How’s it Going?

A year after helping a client of mine with their sales process implementation, the Sales Operations Manager (SOM) asked me to spend a half day facilitating a review and refresh of the sales process with the sales team. Our… Read More

Today’s Selling environment, What to do now….

Last night, I attended a networking event hosted by the Atlanta Chapter of SMEI –  Sales and Marketing Executives International.     The promised agenda was "How to Make Your Numbers Before Year End."   I usually have… Read More

Back to School….Part 2

See Part 1 here. Working with the curious, it helps to nurture, not push. Next up, John Holland – co-author of the CustomerCentric Selling book, methodology, and coursework – did a great job as usual putting into perspective… Read More

Nuggets from sitting in the back and really listening….

At least once per year, I serve as a sales training coach for another CustomerCentric Selling®  practitioner. Last week, I helped Frank Visgatis, co-writer of the CustomerCentric Selling® methodology at a Workshop in Atlanta.  This serves a few purposes: … Read More