Are you using your success stories and plausible emergencies to build emotional connections in with your prospects and referral partners?
On the Blog Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds relates,

“When it comes to learning and genuinely retaining something, nothing beats experiences….Stories have an emotional component and when you engage people’s emotions, even just a little bit, you stand a better chance of them paying attention and remembering your point…” 

Now look at your sales pipeline and consider the role of success or other stories in your opportunities.
In how many of your opportunities, can you honestly say the prospect can recite back YOUR story, and now you have an emotional connection with them?
Think about the opportunities you have where there has been no decision and the sales cycle has gone on too long. Have you emotionally connected using stories?
A conversational sales story has five main components:

  1. Title and industry of the person(s) you helped;
  2. The vividly described situation they faced before you helped them (or that you imagine them facing and how you would help);
  3. The capabilities they needed;
  4. What you provided; and
  5. The value saved or gained over time.

When my clients use their stories appropriately to gain credibility, they report higher sales success.  Yes, it’s that simple.
Now that’s a great story! Coolstorybro
Good Selling,