Web browsing is awesome. I am currently evaluating whether to move away from a laptop running windows to a new MacBook. While researching how to switch over without losing productivity and gobs of time, I stumbled on an insightful post in Michael Hyatt’s Web log “Working Smarter”.
If you scroll down the home page, you will come upon an entry titled:
Monday, February 27, 2006
What’s the Secret to Your Success?
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In a word, Hyatt says it’s “responsiveness.” I could not agree more. His explanation resonates well with me especially after some pipeline reviews I held last week. I am helping a client by meeting one on one with a few sales reps and going over individual opportunities. Continually, these reps are having excellent opening or introductory conversations with prospects, some of whom are former colleagues or social contacts.
I will ask, “Did you offer and have you followed up with a recapping email note?” and their response is, “Non and not yet, I am waiting to get more information.” But, the rep doesn’t know when that next contact will be or it isn’t scheduled. Wouldn’t it be better to show that you listened and are thinking about your new prospect’s goals, objectives, issues or concerns by recapping the previous conversation while it is fresh? Would that show you are not just interested in a “close”, but also getting it right? Might that note become an artifact at the prospect’s organization shared to generate interest in what you have to offer?
This note should fit into the following outline:
1) I would like to recap our last conversation, please let me know if I get it right
2) The prospect’s current situation – the goals, objectives, issues, problems etc.
3) “Would the following help the above?” Describe your company’s capabilities in a way that shows, usage and value?
4) ask for a meeting to discuss the above and make sure you understand their current situation.
In my mind, this all fits in well with Hyatt’s kernel of responsiveness as a centerpiece of success.
Summary to sales people: If you get some meaningful information from someone who COULD be a prospect, be repsonsive: offer to recap and DO IT!
P.S. I just found Hyatt’s new blog, “From Where I Sit” HERE.