Why SalesReformSchool?

The SalesReformSchool™ Three Elements of Sales Professionalism


  1. Sales Process–the steps to take in an opportunity from first initiation to close
  2. Sales Messaging– the conversation models or scripts and recap templates utilized within each step of the process
  3. Sales Skills and Behaviors– the 10 skills and behaviors sellers must exhibit in an opportunity to build trust with today’s buyers



Meet Adam Shapiro

Adam Shapiro, the founder of SalesReformSchool™, helps B2B executives improve their sales force’s professionalism by following a process, by purposefully following a messaging strategy, and setting expected behaviors that map to the company’s values and culture.

By professionalizing your sales force, they’ll

  • Close more business.
  • Do it in a repeatable and intentional way.
  • Grow sales within current accounts.

Adam Helps You Increase Sales by Learning and Implementing Your Own Unique Sales Process

Adam guides your team in learning how to map out their particular sales process. They will gain an understanding of and receive the framework for beginning to craft at least 10 messaging tools for their own sales playbook.

In a typical engagement, Adam works with you and your team to build the customized initial sales playbook that includes documenting the actual sales process, conversations and follow-through that need to take place. He then on-boards all sales, marketing and delivery personnel through a customized and interactive two-day workshop within which the playbook comes alive.

Your salespeople will continue to falter without adding your messaging to your process!

Then, through a best-practices workshop you and your sales team will learn the playbook and be exposed to the SalesReformSchool™ 10 best practice sales behaviors. We will accomplish all of this by using your customized messaging, by creating and rehearsing three critical sales stories, drafting planning documents, and role-playing – all of which will be immediately implementable with your sales teams.

Typical clients include:

  • Technology and consulting firms
  • With at least six people involved in Sales, Marketing, and Delivery
  • Often with team members having diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Who have little sales process, conversation, and cultural documentation

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The SalesReformSchool™ Proven Process

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”
–W. Edwards Deming, Business Process Guru

Phase 1: Creation
Adam will deliver a 25+ page written playbook customized to your organization after a four-six week interview process, including: Ideal customer profile, sales process, process stages with messaging, initial meaningful interaction script, success stories and conversation starters, marketing differentiators, scripts, and recap tools.

Phase 2: Onboarding
Adam leads your sales team through an interactive, intensive two-day workshop designed to help them master the behaviors, messaging and process required for sales success. Includes a sales excellence workbook.

Phase 3: Mastery
Adam works with your team reviewing opportunities and pipelines making sure your sales process, messaging and behaviors stick and that managers know best practices for coaching their teams.

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“Adam is one of the few I have met with truly exceptional insight into sales messaging and process. I absolutely subscribe to [his] sales philosophy, and Adam just happens to be one of the best I have seen at helping teams reach their potential through the associated best practices.”
—Robert Holler, President & CEO, VersionOne