Over 20 years ago, I started doing something I love just for me.  Three days a week, I laced up my shoes and played pick-up basketball at our local YMCA.  League or pick-up games – didn’t matter.  For as long as I can remember, the hard court was my “Happy Place”, and I loved it.  

After the morning games, I’d drive home, make lunches, shower and help get the kids off to school. Although the days were filled with meetings, phone calls, and other work, I would always have an extra bounce in my step because win or lose, whether or not I had played well, I had started the day with some selfish joy. 

In the last few years, I drifted in and out of the routine as life took me in other directions.  I missed it.  So, I started playing again. I also joined a league, and it was amazing.   I also realized that I also loved being in that micro-community of Peachtree Corners, Georgia YMCA ballers.  Scott, Matt, Terry, Tony, Jeff, Karl, Randy to name a few – I missed those guys. 

Then, all at once, it was taken away from me.  I tore my left Achilles tendon making a move to the hoop.  

Was that it? Was I no longer a hoops guy? 

Well, this morning – 959 days after my injury – I got back on the court. And I loved it!

Drinking my morning coffee afterwards, I started thinking about a few things somewhat business related:

  1. I’ve never been one to suffer from burnout.  I wonder if it’s because I’ve always had something like hoops away from work to get my mind off things, give me a break.
  2. I don’t talk business around the court unless someone asks.  That just seems obnoxious. But my ability to get along in the “hoops culture” really since high school likely has helped bolster my confidence especially regarding social skills in business. 
  3. I like that playing basketball is all mine.  It has nothing to do with family obligations or work tasks. Basketball is something I do for myself, and I like myself on the court. I think it helps me have a positive mindset. 

So, what do you do to get your mind off work?  What communities are you a part of that help build social skills? Lastly, what have you found that makes you like yourself and have a positive mindset? 

Figure it out.  Lace ‘em up.  Go like yourself.  If you are struggling with this, let’s talk – book 30 minutes for free at https://calendly.com/adam-salesreformschool/30min

SalesReformSchool: Food for Thought

Seems the last few weeks have been heavy on reconnecting and getting back to stuff.  While in NYC last month, a friend said she missed these emails even though she is definitely not in sales.  She had no idea it would have this effect: her comment made my heart sink, and made me feel like a loser.  Why had it been so long since writing a “Lesson?”

I commiserated over a deli sandwich and knish at Katz’s. But, you know, I needed that kick in the pants. She had said out loud something  I had been thinking about. That was in the back of my mind – I need to write more.  Why?  Because I enjoy it and I seem to have an audience who also enjoys it.  Oh, and after nearly 18 years, my “content strategy” is good for business.  

What have you been thinking about doing, that you should do, that someone might expose for you? Think about it over a big sandwich or maybe a knish. 

SalesReformSchool: Extracurricular

You may already know that I love to cook.  You may also know that I tend to keep things.  I’m not at a hoarder level, though that accusation has been leveled.  Anyways, we have a very productive rosemary bush that I will from time-to-time snip for recipes that call for it.  I’ve struggled, though, with the most productive way to chop it.  I’ve used our knives, even a cleaver. I’ve used a coffee grinder to some success, but then I have to clean it, which can be a pain.  Then, I remembered a souvenir either my parents or mother-in-law brought us from Alaska – neither claim it.  I kept it hidden away for years – you never know….

Now, I know.  

This ulu knife is fantastic for chopping.  A quick google search tells me “Ulu is the short form of uuluuraq, an Inuit word for a woman’s knife.” Well, this guy loves it! Home cooks, go get you an Ulu! 

Good Selling!