Five Questions to Ask if your Deals are Not Closing: Who, What, How, When, and Why

Last week, I led a two hour seminar at a client’s annual meeting of partners and agents – think 40 B2B sales people and executives.

The President had asked for 2 hours on closing skills to be presented to a group of sales professionals and executives at partner/agent companies.  We talked about what she meant by that and came up with “Five Questions to Ask if Your Deals are Not Closing:  Who, What, How, When, and Why”.  I put together an interactive and fun seminar that included four exercises.  I had 50 people going through group brainstorms, role plays and Q&A.  They seemed to both enjoy it and benefit.
I posted my presentation to Slideshare.  You can watch it below.
  If it’s hard to follow due to it being mostly pictures, I’d be glad to walk you through in a virtual gotomeeting room.   In addition to this ppt, I used a 4 page handout for exercises I spread throughout the two hours.

Good Selling.

Through SalesReformSchool, I help individuals, teams and enterprises improve sales performance.

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